Welcome From Dr. AZ

Hello and welcome to the reopening of Dr. AZ’s blog. It had been lost in cyberspace somewhere for the past several months due to a change on the production end, but now I’m back to discuss and share the causes and effects of what we feel and how we live.

Fortunately I have a granddaughter who is thoroughly trained and experienced in the ways of cyberland. And I am pleased to have her assistance on this adventure. For those who care, she is a Butler graduate, so that can’t be all bad. And like her granddad, she has a bit of a quirky sense of humor.

There are already a number of writings on the blog brought over from my original foray into the minds of the Internet. The objective of this site is for me to be able to share a bit of life that I believe everyone will have gone through by the time they are my age: 85. Unless, of course, those events that I read about on Facebook come true and the world really self-destructs in 2017, or disappears into space in 2019, or the Republican convention in Cleveland never ends and we end up with no leadership whatsoever—although some may feel that’s where we are now.

We all have input into life’s adventures. Some of my favorite writings are already on board—especially my first concerning Finding Nemo. That one gives the reader an opportunity to see where I’m coming from.

You also must know that I am a follower of the classic book The Little Prince, a French novel. My guide is his admonition that the eyes do not see what the heart may feel. Over the years I think I have been operating at the level of my heart and not depending on what my eyes may be seeing. In general, I have been more giving than receiving—and I like it that way. Happy hearts lead to happy lives.

So we can move on from here, I’ll keep writing. And if you wish to add a word or two or line or two, be my guest.

Adios amigos.

Dr. AZ



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