Visiting The Oval Office

As a special event for my regular readers, I want to share with you a recent visit to the Oval Office in the White House. Occasionally I like to share some experiences that I have with those who support my work.

About 30 days ago, I received a call from a longtime friend who works in the Trump for President campaign office. They wanted to know if I was interested in doing a special job for them involving the Oval Office. This being the year that my calendar is empty, I had time to carry out the assignment. My mission was to gain entrance to the Oval Office by any means available to survey the condition of the room—the furniture, the pictures, and anything else that was there—and return the information to Trump Headquarters.

Utilizing information that I had gleaned from TV’s The Big Bang theory, I blinked my left eye twice and tweaked my nose once and, as you can see in the photo, I was in.


The room itself was bright. It had many windows and some doors which entered into small conference rooms for other events. The president was there talking to someone whom I could not determine.

The gentleman to my left was a rather skinny person who I believe was a member of the press office. The pantsuit-wearing lady next to the window was an intern from Wellesley College who won the Hillary lookalike contest. The gentleman to her left had a name badge that said Steward. I don’t know whether he was a union representative or someone from the food service department. The gentleman in the forefront has a badge that read National Protest Coordinator.

I looked around the room and the furniture appeared to be quite worn with two golf balls wedged between the arm of the coach and one of the pillows. I noticed that the great seal of the United States of America was not on the carpet in the middle of the room. In its place there was a circular emblem with strange writing on it that I did not understand. I thought for a moment it might have been Hebrew—but then again it didn’t appear to be upside down and backwards.

You will notice the door that is behind the President. That is an outside door. A few months ago, the President was interviewing a candidate for his appointment to the Supreme Court. It was an evening and it was known by the media that that is what was going on in that room. After a while in the dim of sunset, someone was viewed on the security cameras entering the Oval Office from the outside through that door.

It was determined little later that evening that the important visitor to that meeting was Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood. The reader can determine in his or her own mind why she was there and what interest she might have in the President’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

I noticed that there were several pictures on the walls. They looked to me like dwellings that might have been in the president’s childhood upbringing. Having visited the White House before during JFK’s presidency, I was interested to see if the gift from the British people after World War II given to FDR was still there. I found that it wasn’t. Then I remembered that when the current executive took office, he had the bust of Winston Churchill sent back to the Queen of England.

I also noticed on one wall there was an American flag and next to it was a white flag with crossed fingers.The only other item that I viewed was the President’s desk.The desk in the Oval Office was given to America in 1880 as a gift from Britain’s Queen Victoria. It was built from the wood from the HMS Resolute that was sunk in the Arctic. But it was noted in the British Press that it’s only value to Mr. Obama was as a good place to rest his feet on.

My work done, it was time for me to report back to Trump Headquarters and submit my report with recommendations. In general, my overall recommendation might be that when Mr. Trump wins the election, he might consider moving the Oval Office to the top of Trump Tower. I think that it befits his magnificent role as America’s Executive of the People.



  1. Wow, that is awesome that you were able to visit the white house and this is such a great read! Loved visualizing your description of the oval office!

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