On Postmortem Presidential Polling

FYI: I have been reviewing a study done by PEW research studying voting credentials in National Elections. One of their incredible findings was that in 2012, 1.8 million deceased people voted for president! Wow…how does that happen? It opens up an entire new innovation.

Do you think that when one is passing and the bright light shines through the passageway, there is a sign that says “voting machines to the left”? Naw—hard to believe.

Reminds me of my dear Uncle Louie. He lived near us with his mom and dad his entire life. He was a good guy and a hard worker. I remember that he was a voter extraordinaire. He voted through hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, and floods. He always voted.

As I remember, he was a bit learning challenged. He was drafted into WWII, took his training and vocational evaluations, and was sent to a base in India and assigned to the job as postmaster to the troops. We sort of giggled since Uncle Louie couldn’t read very well. Can you imagine years later veterans receiving mail from India dated 30 years before?

However, back to the subject. In the Jewish belief, there are no open caskets. So you really can’t see who you are mourning. I was wondering if Louie figured out a way to continue his voting record without going to the polls. Or maybe he left by the back door smiling…

RIP Uncle Louie.


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  1. For as long as I can remember I was told that voting was the most important thing an individual could do. That was drummed into me from early childhood on. Now as an old lady I have great doubts that my vote means a damn thing. Malthus was right “absolute power corrupts absolutely”

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