My Thoughts On “Grace Under Pressure”

At the time that a person hears that one of their friends or family has been diagnosed with cancer, the reaction is generally one of great concern and support for the individual involved. To the person with the diagnosis, it becomes a stirring battle between treatment and follow-ups and the attempt to reach remission. Most cancers involved with blood issues—like lymphoma—are generally incurable, but with appropriate treatment and care can be managed over a long period of time. So it is with myself. My diagnosis is MCL lymphoma.

For the past two years, I have been through chemotherapy, several hospitalizations, a series of scans placed on a schedule every several months, and laboratory work. It’s hard to explain or write about the psychological effects that this diagnosis has on the human body: much stress and anxiety between and while waiting for these evaluations of status.

I recently had the opportunity to read a contribution to a magazine called Cure Today written by a survivor of cancer that offers a good presentation of how I and I’m sure every other person with cancer feels day today.

The author of the article, Mike Verano, titles his presentation “Grace Under Pressure: Facing the Follow-Up Visit After Cancer.” I appreciate his allowing me to share it.

Click here to read it.



  1. Heather Zwicker

    Thank you for sharing this story, I myself was diagosed with MCL Feb 20, 2014, I went to my doctors office that day to get a photo-copy of my previous blood work, as I have learned it is so important to be your own advocate. While looking in my file, 1st page was I have MLC, was I shocked I must say just a bit, no call from my doctors office, I call them and the hematogist I was actually seeing since 2007 when I was dx with sarcoidosis, 1990 dx with Celiac Disease, so I say ok God give me what you have, I am a strong person, love people and life, and I will fight until the end. went through retuxin bendamustine chemo 6 rounds only showed partial remission. so I had heard through a MCL support person to ask for retuxin maintance theraphy, I did go through that, last chemo is Aug. 17th, CT showed that every node decreased by around 50% or so. My hematogist told me at 1st that I would not be approved for this theraphy as they (the government here in Canada) do not know enough about MCL, I was so upset and I am a real outgoing person and not easily upset. I looked at her with anger and said, if you dont apply for it how will you know. long story short, she also said it is very expensive. I said you know what, it is not your body and it sure isnt your money. Not sure what me visit, a day prior to my last chemo will be. I wake up every morning and I put my best foot forward. When I think of my cancer, I try to think positive, and I always remember our dear mother who had 11 of us, always said, there is always someone worse off. and I believe that to be true. My problem is the waiting for results, that is what I find difficult to handle, I can handle the results but the wait kills me. Live, Love & Laugh. Live each day to the fullest, Love one another and Laugh, as Laughter is the best medicine. Regards Heather (63)

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