Hillary: The Foundation Moll

If any American can rationalize Hillary Clinton’s corruption and malfeasance in public office and think she is clean and non-indictable they, need to be checked into a local mental hospital posthaste for examination. This woman, over the period of her political life, has committed numerous crimes and events that any normal, thinking citizen would notice.

  • She has accepted millions of dollars in funds for her campaign and placed the funds into the Clinton Foundation. For this, she is prepared to do favors for foreign leaders.
  • She has broken several federal laws in keeping a private email server in her home—which included classified data. The data was then made available to anyone able to hack the server. She shredded 32,000 emails which should have been given to the FBI. She shared 102 classified messages to foreign governments.
  • She is currently under investigation for money laundering in the Clinton Foundation.
  • She lied about her role in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.
  • She is responsible for the revolution in Libya and the crises in Iraq and Syria. Because of her lack of interest in that area, she contributed to the formation of ISIS and the murder of thousands of persons in the Middle East—including children and babies.

There are many more criminal activities that reflect Hillary Clinton. Her mentor, Mr. Obama, has fixed the system in such a way that she gets away with many corruptible plans. Voting for her is a grave mistake and the country will be further destroyed by her election…


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